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Expert Consultants for:

  • Interest Rate Caps & Swaps
  • SOFR & Treasury Forwards
  • ISDA Negotiation for FX & Rates
  • Defeasance & Prepayment

Our independence means you get the best solution for your unique situation.

Your success is apparent

You’ve done well. You’re in a position to make decisions about millions of dollars of loans and assets. You’ve been presented with complexity and persevered in the past. However, some specialized financial products only occasionally land on your plate.

Fortunately, your experience teaches you that seeking advice from trusted advisors is smart, and money well spent. You enjoy confidently finding and using the best information available and dealing with honest people who prioritize your interests. That’s why we exist – successful derivative transactions depend on expertise and real-time models and correctly applied market pricing.

Derivative Logic customizes our advice to your specific situation, with the goal of saving you money and helping you avoid pitfalls in the process. Armed with years of capital markets expertise, we thoroughly explain what your best choices are and why they’re right for your business.

If you’re a successful business person, we’re the perfect fit for you.