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What We Do

Hedge Advisory Services

Whether your lender requires hedging, or you want to protect your balance sheet, our range of Hedge Advisory services ensures execution of the right hedge, at a fair price, under fair terms, while establishing refinance flexibility and reducing interest expense.

ISDA Negotiations

Hedge documentation is often overlooked and misunderstood. Despite what you may be told, the ISDA is negotiable. We negotiate more favorable terms for you, and we coordinate the process with both the lenders’ and borrowers’ counsel.

Dodd-Frank Compliance

Recent regulations place new requirements on borrowers. GMEI, LEI, MTM, AML, KYC, IRMA, QIR, and ECP — the acronyms keep growing. Our Regulatory Advisory Services cut through the jargon to keep you in compliance and produce the best hedging outcome.

Hedge Accounting

While aiding those who hedge to reduce earnings volatility, the complexity of the ASC 815 (FAS 133) accounting rules leave many financial officers confused. Our Hedge Accounting, Effectiveness Testing, and Valuation services give you confidence to plan, execute, and maintain an interest rate or foreign currency hedging program.

Hedging Training Academy

99% of what we do at Derivative Logic is educate. Whether faced with exposure to interest rates or foreign currency risk, clients in a myriad of industries look to us for guidance on protecting their profit margins or to take advantage of financial market opportunities. Our Hedging Training Academy webinar series offers the most up-to-date information on market dynamics and the best practices of hedging, all from the convenience of your home or office.

What Our Clients Say

“We recently added a global payment feature to our product suite and engaged Derivative Logic to assist us in product design, structuring our treasury process and conducting vendor due diligence of a slate of FX liquidity providers. Jim and Rex’s deep knowledge of the currency markets, industry best practices, global payment processes and large rolodex of FX service providers allowed us to meet our aggressive product launch goals and transact on the best terms possible.”

TreasurerImpact Radius

“Being a FinTech company operating in several countries, streamlining our cross-border payment process and managing currency risk is critical to our margins. The Derivative Logic team helped us craft a risk management policy, develop a stable of high quality FX dealers, negotiated a fixed spread agreement and showed us how to manage our exchange rate risk on a daily basis while being regulatory compliant all the while.”

CEO & FounderZipZap

“As a Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary responsibility to provide our clients timely and accurate information on what impacts their investments. The Derivative Logic team has provided us with valuable insight over the years into how changes in interest rates and exchange rates impact the performance of our client’s portfolios. They’ve consistently helped us broaden our service offering while highlighting opportunity and risk scenarios our clients wouldn’t have known about otherwise.”

PrincipalParallel Advisors

“My employer was being purchased by a foreign entity and my colleagues and I were anticipating a liquidity event denominated in British pounds. Having little understanding of foreign exchange, I sought an independent, unbiased source of information that could educate me on the risks and opportunities inherent in converting a large sum of money.   My engagement with Derivative Logic resulted in not only a timely and trouble-free movement of funds across the pond, but a savings of tens of thousands of dollars. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

CEOAnomaly Ventures