Make America Great Again – Buy Something You Don’t Need

Last Week: The “reflation trade” continued to dominate financial markets last week, as early policy views of the Trump presidency combined with strong US economic data provided markets with the rocket fuel necessary to propel most asset classes higher. Four major equity indices hit new all-time highs, while the US dollar, Oil and sovereign bond […]

Buckle-Up, the Trumponomics Train is Coming

Last Week: Rates continued their march higher across the curve while global equities rose on continued hopes that looser US fiscal policy will quicken the pace of global economic growth. Oil rose to $45.30 from $43.90 a week ago. Gold fell while the US Dollar rose at its fastest pace in nearly a decade, to […]

Trumpflation on the Horizon

Last Week: What a week! Markets scrambled to adjust to an unexpected victory for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shaking off their initial jitters at the surprise outcome, ultimately pricing in a reflationary environment after Trump assumes office in early 2017. An expected policy mix of tax cuts and increased defense and infrastructure spending, along […]

Deer in the Headlights

Last Week: The big news of the week was that US payrolls rose slightly less than expected in October, adding 161,000 new jobs, but upward revisions to the prior two months’ data made up for any perceived shortfall in America’s jobs creation engine. Other than the number of new jobs, the most important piece of […]

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The Fixed Versus Floating Interest Rate Conundrum: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Mix

In our many years of advising borrowers of all shapes and sizes, in a myriad of industries, when thinking of interest rates, one question remains steadfast in the minds of Treasurers and CFOs: Where does my company’s debt portfolio belong on the fixed – floating continuum? With interest rates near historical lows, many are prompted […]