The Debt Ceiling Debate’s Increasing Influence on Yields

Last Week: Interest Rates were mixed and Global Equities rose modestly amid somewhat lower volatility measures. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note held steady just below 2.20% and 1-month LIBOR rose slightly to 1.2355% from 1.2278% the week prior. Oil was little changed despite potential supply disruptions from Hurricane Harvey, the US Dollar fell […]

Trump Reform Hopes Fading Fast

Last Week: US interest rates were mixed and equities gave up midweek gains finishing the week little changed. A renewed surge in volatility was sparked by concerns that fresh White House turmoil could imperil President Donald Trump’s pro-growth agenda. Adding to volatility was a terrorist attack in Barcelona that killed 14. The combination helped drive […]

A Coin Toss

Last Week: US interest rates and equities gave up some ground amid intensifying geopolitical concerns as tensions between North Korea and the United States ratcheted higher, and a flight to safe-haven assets ensued. Bonds rallied, pushing the yield on the US 10-year Treasury to 2.21% from 2.27% a week ago, while 1-month LIBOR followed suit, […]

The Fed & Inflation: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Last Week: US interest rates fell while equities edged higher amid supportive US economic data and impressive corporate earnings. Oil broke above the $50-per-barrel barrier at midweek, but eased to end slightly lower on the week as the US Dollar rose and Gold fell. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note slipped slightly on […]

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A LIBOR Eulogy? Not So Fast

Financial newswires have been abuzz recently with the formal announcement by a UK regulatory authority last Thursday that LIBOR will be replaced by 2021. While surprising to some, regulators have sought a replacement for LIBOR for some time as past rigging scandals and an overall lack of transactional data to support its use tainted the […]