2018 Looking Solid

Last Week: Interest rates rose while equities were little changed on a net basis amid slowing activity ahead of the holidays. Yields on US 10-year Treasury notes rose to 2.49% from 2.36% the week prior, as the passage of the US tax reform bill is expected to provide a tailwind to the economy beginning in […]

Tax Reform Cliffhanger in the Spotlight

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed while equities logged a small gain. The US 10-year Treasury note yield traded within a tight range near 2.3600%, as 1-month LIBOR continued its steady march higher to 1.4950% from 1.4593% the week prior. Oil and the US Dollar fell as Gold strengthened. It was a calm week in […]

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Beware the Flat Yield Curve

While the Fed’s 0.25% rate hike was totally anticipated, market’s and the Fed’s expectations for where interest rates are headed are miles apart. This difference of opinion is expressed in flat Treasury yield curves, where the Fed, by way of its pronouncements of future hikes, pushes short-term rates higher and markets, via their lingering doubts […]

Farewell Janet, Thanks for the Memories

Last Week: Interest rates and equities firmed in the wake of progress on US tax reform. US Treasury bonds saw little net change however, with 10-year notes wrapping the week at a 2.3796% yield, up slightly from 2.3721% a week ago. 1-month LIBOR continued its steady march higher, trading to 1.4443% from 1.3920% over the […]

Key Data to Offer a Peek at Fed’s 2018 Road Map

Last Week: After a volatile week, interest rates and equities extended gains amid optimism Congress will pass a tax reform bill, possibly before year-end. Strong global economic data helped send yields on US 10-year Treasury notes higher on the week, to 2.39% on Friday morning from 2.33% the week prior. 1-month LIBOR also traded higher, […]