Planets Aligning for Just One More Hike in 2018

Last week: Interest rates were mixed as equities remained flat for the week. The 10-year US Treasury yield fell to 2.82% from last Friday’s 2.86%, while 1-month LIBOR rose to 2.072% from 2.0670% the week prior. Oil rose, the US dollar weakened slightly and Gold rose while Treasury market volatility, as measured by the Chicago […]

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LIBOR Replaced By SOFR – So Far, So Good?

Lenders and borrowers: the “haves” and the “have-nots”. Their actions have shaped the history of the world, and how they respond to crisis and change is fascinating and informative.  Fixed rates are prudent and certain, but cash flow can be king.  When current monthly payments matter more than later ones, borrowers often elect to float […]

All Eyes on Jackson Hole as Markets Ponder What’s Next

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed, and global equities continued to trend lower amid ongoing concerns about the Turkish currency crisis and global trade. The 10-year US Treasury yield fell from its peak of 2.89% early in the week to 2.86% by week’s end, while 1-month LIBOR wrapped the week at 2.0693%, slightly higher than […]

Geopolitics Driving Rate’s Direction for Now

Last Week: Interest rates and equities global equities drifted lower on the week, weighed down by contagion fears emanating from an intensifying Turkish currency crisis. The yield on the US 10-year note fell in reaction to the situation, slipping to 2.88% from 2.97% a week ago. 1-month LIBOR followed suit, dipping back to 2.0667% from […]

All Signs Pointing to Two More Hikes in 2018

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed as equities declined modestly. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note traded slightly lower to 2.95%, slightly off the 2.97% seen a week ago and well below the 3% seen mid-week. The temporary move higher represented the fourth time we have breached the 3% threshold over the past […]