Interest Rates: Low for Longer

  Last Week: Interest rates and equities drifted modestly higher amid an uneventful week. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note was unchanged versus a week ago at 2.66% while 1-month LIBOR stuck to its current range to end the week nearly where it began, at 2.4843%.  Oil rose $2.50 to $57.75, as the […]

Fed Hikes: Paused But Not Peaked

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed, and equities rose on the week, boosted by rumors of progress on the US-China trade front. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note rose 2 basis points to 2.66% as 1-month LIBOR fell to 2.4803% from 2.4978%. Oil rose $2.50 to $55.25, as the US Dollar traded flat […]

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Collars: The Hedge Smart Borrowers are Using Now

In our conversations over the years with borrowers of all shapes and sizes, in a myriad of industries, we’ve seen time and time again that all borrowers share the same basic goal: to take advantage of low interest rates now while protecting themselves if interest rates rise in the future. Some borrowers opt for the easy […]

Fed to Let the Data Do the Talking

Last Week: Interest rates fell, and global equities declined amid fresh evidence of slowing global growth and fading optimism that the US and China will reach a comprehensive trade agreement by the self-imposed March 1st deadline. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note declined 2 basis points to 2.64% as 1-month LIBOR also fell […]

The Fed Blinked

Last Week: Interest rates were flat to lower, and risky assets rallied on the week, thanks in part to a dovish turn by the Fed. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note fell 4 basis points to 2.68%, while 1-month LIBOR rose slightly to 2.51% from 2.50% a week ago. Oil rose $3.29 to […]