Derivative Logic’s 2024-Q3 US Interest Rate Outlook

In our 2024-Q3 Interest Rate Outlook we review the primary drivers for the economy and interest rates for the third quarter of 2024 , then outline our expectations for short and long-term interest rates going forward.

How to Download Our Interest Rate Outlook

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2024 – When will rates decline?

After the Fed’s rate hiking cycle appeared near its end, everyone has been wondering all year when the Fed will actually start lowering rates.  How long will there be a pause? In our 2024-Q3 Interest Rate Outlook, we give you an update on the economic news that matters and our educated opinion of where rates are headed and how fast they will get there.

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Watch a replay of our 2024-Q3 Interest Rate Outlook here.

Recorded 6/25/2024

No matter the transaction or issue, DL has been very responsive, knowledgeable and results oriented in servicing our account. Overall, I would say that the swap market can be confusing and costly – and that DL creates simplicity and savings.

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Derivative Logic is…always reachable, which is great…and a quick responder,…providing valuable hedging ideas and analytical support.  They have been providing idea generation on hedges as well as pricing for those hedges – Swaps, caps and corridors.

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