About Us

Derivative Logic is an independent hedge advisory firm combining financial derivative market expertise with proven hedge structuring and execution capabilities in interest rate and currency derivatives such as interest rate caps, swaps, and FX forwards and options.

Our company provides a full range of independent, unbiased hedge advisory services to corporations, real estate developers and investors, tax-exempt entities, Native American tribes, not-for-profits and municipal borrowers. We excel in consistently realizing cost savings and best hedging terms for our clients.

We pride ourselves on being independent, having no affiliation with any firms providing legal, accounting, underwriting, investment advice, or anyone selling derivative products. Derivative Logic’s commitment to tracking and analyzing the sectors we serve enables us to better serve our clients in rapidly changing capital markets. As an independent firm, we objectively advise our clients at all times.

Derivative Logic is an SEC, MSRB, and NFA registered advisory firm. We perform the role of a Designated Evaluation Agent (“DEA”) for companies or a Qualified Independent Representative (“QIR”) for Special Entities. We can also serve as Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (“IRMA”) for not-for-profits, municipalities and obligated persons when they use Swaps, as mandated by Dodd-Frank regulation.