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Interest Rate Swaps: 10 Myths and Misconceptions

The professionals at Derivative Logic have 60 + years combined experience on the trading floors of four major derivative dealers.  During our countless discussions with clients from a myriad of industries over the years, we’ve seen a plethora of falsehoods come up regarding interest rate swaps over and over again. In the following 2-minute read, […]

Swaps are Back

We have noticed an increase in bank balance sheet financing of late.  Typically, bank loans are indexed to a variable rate (e.g. LIBOR) plus a credit spread. In offering the financing, the banks may require that the borrower enter into a pay-fixed interest rate swap. There are a lot of misconceptions and negativity associated with […]

Defeasance is Shark Repellent

Blood is in the water. Sharks are circling. It’s no secret that real estate owners feel intense pressure due to the pandemic. While real estate costs remain largely fixed or are increasing, global shelter-in-place orders have drastically reduced the timely collection of rents. This inevitable cash flow hemorrhage leaves many property owners desperate for relief. […]