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Negative Interest Rates for Dummies

From an emergency 100 basis-point Fed funds target rate cut, to restarting quantitative easing, to enacting an alphabet soup of targeted liquidity facilities, the Federal Reserve is employing everything at its disposal to ensure the financial system remains sound. While keeping credit flowing and encouraging consumers to spend are the Fed’s top priorities, there’s one […]

LIBOR Transition Cheat Sheet

The following is a quick summary of the questions we’re asked every day about the looming LIBOR transition. It’s an overview of what’s happening, what it means for borrowers, lenders and legal counselors, and a summary of what each should be doing now to prepare. Does Freddie’s recent announcement on SOFR have you scrambled? Read […]

Warning - Proceed with Caution

2020 Interest Rate Outlook

LIBOR – What’s in a Name?

Names can have negative or positive connotations.  In the financial world, some infamous names come to mind, such as “Ponzi” and “Madoff” that evoke feelings of dishonesty and scandal, based on the enormity of their respective thefts.  We have never met anyone with the last name of Ponzi, but we’re sure there are a few […]

Is your Floating Rate Loan Really a Fixed Rate Loan?

Change impacts all aspects of life.  This is especially true in capital markets.  Managing an investment portfolio or capital structure isn’t a static exercise, it’s dynamic. Let’s briefly reflect upon the recent turn in market sentiment towards lower interest rates and examine how this change has affected short term, floating rate financing, specifically highlighting a […]