Tribal Services – Robert Fetterman

We knew that having the advice of someone with intimate knowledge of the banking industry would provide us with peace of mind. We welcomed Rex’s technical expertise which has proved helpful in guiding the short-term and long-term financial objectives of our organization.

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We began to feel that relying on our banks alone was not a sound way to determine whether the interest rate derivative contracts we engaged in were properly structured and a good deal. We wanted to be able to consult with someone who had independent expertise. Rex was referred to us by a well-respected financial advisory firm. From the outset, Rex sought to fully understand our objectives and made sure we understood the different tools we could use in the interest rate derivative world. He took the time to educate us about derivative options and the market trends and evaluated the market value of contracts proposed by our banks, giving us confidence that the pricing was fair given the complexity of derivatives. Derivative Logic was extremely customer-focused and immediately responsive to any questions we had not just at the time of a transaction, but throughout the year.

Robert Fetterman: CFO, Oneida Indian Nation

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