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Interest Rate Swap Experts

We help clients get better terms on interest rate swaps – they aren’t free! Don’t just take your bank’s word for it – you are being sold a product, and we can save you time and money.

What Don’t I Know?

What products do you buy without knowing the price? Without understanding the full implications for your business? None! Swaps and other hedging products are no exception. Call us to get informed.

Verify The Deal – Details Matter

Transparent pricing and terms are a must in business. Your swap structure must match your time-line and risk profile.

What’s a basis point? (It’s 0.01%). Basis points can be worth thousands of dollars. Make sure an experienced professional is on YOUR SIDE of the table when you are negotiating an interest rate swap or other financial derivative, Derivative Logic will help you manage your risks and costs.

DO You Need An IRMA?

Non-profits and municipal entities (end users) are required to have an Independent Registered Municipal Advisor when they purchase a swap – Derivative Logic is the IRMA for you with expertise on hundreds of deals across the nation.

Derivative Logic – Your Swap Advisor:

• Levels the playing field with expertise and real-time pricing engines
• Save you time and money
• Handles your swap compliance and legalese hassles
• A short phone call explains all your hedging alternatives
• Can be reached today at (415) 510-2100

Get Straight to Smart – Watch This!

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No matter the transaction or issue, DL has been very responsive, knowledgeable and results oriented in servicing our account. Overall, I would say that the swap market can be confusing and costly – and that DL creates simplicity and savings.

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Derivative Logic is…always reachable, which is great…and a quick responder,…providing valuable hedging ideas and analytical support.  They have been providing idea generation on hedges as well as pricing for those hedges – Swaps, caps and corridors.

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