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LIBOR Transition Webinar

LIBOR transitioning to SOFR is a threat to your commercial financing. Register for this free webinar to learn more about how you will be affected.

LIBOR is Disappearing Soon

Borrowers with LIBOR index loans and their team of brokers, attorneys, and accountants, need to understand the risks when LIBOR disappears. The LIBOR Transition Webinar equips you to smartly explain the dangers ahead and what to do about them. You’ll have the essential facts at your fingertips, well organized and spelled right. You’ll look smart in front of your team as you lay out what’s happening to LIBOR and how to deal with it.

LIBOR Loans are At Risk

LIBOR is the rate intimately tied to the cost of your commercial loan and trillions of dollars around the world of other financing. During the last global financial meltdown LIBOR was manipulated by a small group of market participants. In response, regulators first proposed LIBOR be phased out by the end of 2021. The alternative rate is called SOFR. That is why we are now in the LIBOR to SOFR Transition period.

What has to happen during the LIBOR to SOFR transition?

During the transition you must deal with how your loans will change in cost when LIBOR disappears. For instance, most interest rate caps on commercial loans are based on LIBOR. Recently, the body controlling the ISDA Master Agreement published their Protocol for the LIBOR Transition. Its terms will impact your rate cap and what your loans ultimately cost you. You face new risks, but also new opportunities. Do you understand them? You will after you watch the LIBOR Transition Webinar.

Why should I watch the webinar?

  • LIBOR is going away. You can’t change that.
  • Few people understand what is happening with LIBOR – you will be the one able to explain it.
  • Learn what needs to be in your plan to protect you or your clients.
  • Get the essential facts and terms, ready to present.
  • **BONUS** – You will receive a set of PowerPoint slides to brand as your own and use to show your knowledge.
  • All of this – in about 10 minutes!

Get Straight to Smart – Watch This!