LIBOR Transition Webinar

LIBOR transitioning to SOFR may be threat to your commercial financings. Register today for our free webinar to learn how you will be affected.

LIBOR is Ending Soon

Borrowers with LIBOR index loans, as well as brokers, attorneys, and accountants who advise them, need to understand the risks when LIBOR disappears. The LIBOR Transition Webinar equips you to manage the changes to come. You’ll have the essential facts at your fingertips, making you prepared to help your team as LIBOR sunsets.

LIBOR Loans At Risk

LIBOR is an interest rate that drives the cost of most commercial loans and trillions of dollars of contracts around the world. During the last global financial crisis, LIBOR was manipulated by some market participants. In response, regulators proposed LIBOR be phased out by the end of 2021. The likely replacement rate is called SOFR. The LIBOR to SOFR transition period is where we find ourselves now.

What happens during the transition?

During the transition you must deal with how your loans will change in cost when LIBOR disappears. For instance, most interest rate caps on commercial loans are based on LIBOR. Recently, the body controlling the ISDA Master Agreement published their Protocol for the LIBOR transition. Its terms will impact your rate cap and what your loans ultimately cost you. You face new risks, but also new opportunities. Do you understand them? You will after you watch the LIBOR Transition Webinar.

Why watch the webinar?

  • LIBOR is going away. You can’t change that, so you need to be ready.
  • Few understand the LIBOR transition – you will be the one able to explain it.
  • You will be ready to make your protection plan or advise your clients.
  • *BONUS* – Receive PowerPoint slides to customize and share to show your knowledge.
  • All of this – in about 10 minutes!