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December Hike Back on the Table

Last Week: Interest rate and equities remained mostly flat for the week, with the US 10-year Treasury note yielding slightly higher at 2.24% from 2.23% the week prior, and 1-month LIBOR finishing the week at 1.2383% from 1.2361% over the same period. Oil wrapped the week higher at $50.66, the US Dollar also strengthened slightly […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed and global equities set records as a Goldilocks environment of moderate growth and accommodative central banks prevailed. The yield on the US 10- year Treasury note fell on the week to 2.24% from last week’s 2.32%, while 1-month did just the opposite, rising to 1.2322% from 1.2283% the week […]