The Fed: Putting the K in ReKovery

Don’t Fight the Fed

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed, and global equities were higher on the week amid hopes that the coronavirus pandemic may be nearing a peak. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note rose 15 basis points to 0.73%, while 1-month LIBOR fell 10 basis points to 0.81%. The price of a barrel of crude […]

Growing Trade Doubts to Keep Rates Rangebound

Last Week: Interest rates fell as major US equity indices posted at or near record highs as fears of recession steadily dissipated and hopes for a near-term US-China trade agreement endured but mellowed. The yield on the US-10-year Treasury note declined 11 basis points to 1.82% while 1-month LIBOR followed suit, sliding to 1.73% from […]

Listen to Your Central Banker: Patience Means Patience

Last Week: Despite the release of top tier economic data and the conclusion of a Fed meeting, rates and equites wrapped up the week where they started. The yield on the 10-year US Treasury note rose a miniscule two basis points to 2.52%, and 1-month LIBOR also stuck to its familiar range, falling 2 basis […]