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Resist the Flat Yield Curve Hype

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed and global equities rose modestly as geo-political tensions and solid economic data continued their tug-of-war on markets. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note rose 3 basis points to 2.86% while 1-month LIBOR fell 1 basis point to 2.069%. Oil fell another $2.50 to $68, as the US […]

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Borrowers: The Flat Yield Curve May be Your Friend

With all the talk of the flat yield curve in the financial media these days, and the impending doom and gloom it supposedly foretells, it’s a good time to get back to basics. If you’ve questioned your understanding of yield curves recently, now’s your chance to get caught up. In the paragraphs below, we’ll review […]

What the Flat Yield Curve Means for Borrowers

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed while equities climbed despite lingering worries over trade conflicts and a potential military strike against Syria. The Mideast tensions boosted oil prices to their highest levels since 2014, with West Texas Intermediate Crude oil fetching $67.50 a barrel, up $5 from a week ago. The yield on the US […]

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Beware the Flat Yield Curve

While the Fed’s 0.25% rate hike was totally anticipated, market’s and the Fed’s expectations for where interest rates are headed are miles apart. This difference of opinion is expressed in flat Treasury yield curves, where the Fed, by way of its pronouncements of future hikes, pushes short-term rates higher and markets, via their lingering doubts […]