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Lukewarm Jobs Report Renders June Hike a Sure Thing

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed while equities were slightly lower despite very strong earnings reports and a very busy data and event calendar. Yields on US 10-year notes were unchanged at 2.96%, while 1-month LIBOR notched higher to 1.9277%, as last Friday’s employment report showed only very modest wage pressures. The US Dollar strengthened […]

Three vs. Four Rate Hike Debate Rages as Markets Eye Inflation

Last Week: Interest rates and equities both traded higher on the week, benefiting from a decline in volatility and easing fears of faster rate hikes from the Fed. Yields on 10-year US Treasury notes rose 3 basis points on the week to 2.90%, while 1-month LIBOR continued its steady move higher to 1.7503% from 1.7017% […]

Sugar High

Last Week: Interest rates and equities advanced strongly, fueled by solid global growth, robust consumer and business confidence, and news of China’s waning appetite for Treasuries. The yield on the US 10-year note rose 11 basis points to 2.57% in response to growing anticipation that major central banks may join the US Federal Reserve in […]

Got Inflation?

Last Week: Interest rates were mixed as equities extended gains amid continued evidence of a synchronized upturn in global economic growth. The US 10-year Treasury note rose 5 basis points to 2.46% while 1-month LIBOR declined to 1.5520% from 1.5617% the week prior. Oil rose slightly, the US Dollar held at its recent lows and […]

Hurricane Havoc & Inflation Mystery

Last Week: Interest rates traded higher as US equities were little changed on the week amid somewhat firmer oil prices. US 10-year Treasury note yield rose 8 basis points to 2.32%, while 1-month LIBOR fell to 1.2322% from 1.2366% the week prior on the back of hawkish comments from Fed Chair Yellen and rising hopes […]

The Fed & Inflation: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Last Week: US interest rates fell while equities edged higher amid supportive US economic data and impressive corporate earnings. Oil broke above the $50-per-barrel barrier at midweek, but eased to end slightly lower on the week as the US Dollar rose and Gold fell. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note slipped slightly on […]