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Interest Rate Derivatives – Lowell Sprague

No matter the transaction or issue, DL has been very responsive, knowledgeable and results oriented in servicing our account. Overall, I would say that the swap market can be confusing and costly – and that DL creates simplicity and savings.

Interest Rate Derivatives – Marc Lewis

Jim was extremely detailed and knowledgeable in what is a very specific arena with respect to financial instruments. Above and beyond would be an understatement when it came to service delivery.

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FX Derivatives – CEO, Anomaly Ventures

Having little understanding of foreign exchange, I sought an independent, unbiased source of information that could educate me…

FX Derivatives – Principal, Parallel Advisors

The Derivative Logic team has provided us with valuable insight over the years into how changes in interest rates and exchange rates impact the performance of our client’s portfolios.

FX Derivatives – CEO & Founder, ZipZap

…Streamlining our cross-border payment process and managing currency risk is critical to our margins.

FX Derivatives – Treasurer, Impact Radius

[We] engaged Derivative Logic to assist us in product design, structuring our treasury process and conducting vendor due diligence of a slate of FX liquidity providers.

Tribal Services – Ray Peters

We began to feel that relying on our banks alone was not a sound way to determine whether the interest rate derivative contracts we engaged in were properly structured and a good deal. We wanted to be able to consult with someone who had independent expertise.

Tribal Services – Francisco G. Munoz

Rex’s expertise with derivatives is obvious, but his expertise and ability to educate and verbalize the ideas into layman’s terms is unmatched. He was able to lay everything out on the table for us and (We) are extremely thankful for that guidance.

Tribal Services – Robert Fetterman

We knew that having the advice of someone with intimate knowledge of the banking industry would provide us with peace of mind. We welcomed Rex’s technical expertise which has proved helpful in guiding the short-term and long-term financial objectives of our organization.

Tribal Services – Tim Steinke

From my perspective, having the guidance and assistance of Derivative Logic should be normal practice for any organization with exposure to interest rate fluctuations. Given a long professional history with Rex Evans at Derivative Logic, I was confident he would professionally educate our organization on the benefits of interest rate hedge products.