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How Does This Calculator Work?

Our Yield Maintenance Calculator uses reasonable assumptions and the information you provide to quickly estimate what the most typical yield maintenance provisions will require.

How accurate is a Yield Maintenance Calculator?

All yield maintenance calculations rely on the accuracy of the inputs they use. A careful reading of your loan agreement is required to determine all the details relevant to your situation. When a loan agreement provides for yield maintenance it will contain detailed provisions that  govern how the calculation shall be made.  This calculator assumes the most common provisions seen in real world loan agreements. Your specific loan agreement may differ in meaningful ways. Your Master Servicer will be responsible for an accurate calculation based on the details in your loan agreement. Your responsibility is to verify that the Master Servicer has calculated your payment correctly.

In the meantime, using reasonable rules of thumb like those used in this yield maintenance calculator will nearly always provide a useful indicator of the overall yield maintenance costs you can expect.

Good news! We’re experts at reading loan agreements for the relevant details, so please call us at (415) 510-2100 for help when you need it.